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Default Re: Kenner did actually make an accurate Returns batman figure

Originally Posted by theman View Post
ok, so here is my near completed Returns figure.

Uploaded with

i didnt really have to do much, i took the Returns batman from this set and spray painted it black (it was all gold colored) and then painted the belt the bronze yello, and then glued the chest piece to the chest. the only thing is the chest looks a little bit puffed out now, but it still looks pretty good, and much accurate then it was before. i had to alter the cape a bit cuz that plastic ring would fit around the head right anymore. i really like this figure though, to my knoledge its the only Returns - style figure in the whole line. the gloves, boots, body armor and chest piece are all Returns acurate. i dont get why they would make the Returns accurate chest piece only part of a deluxe line and not on all the new fgures. strange. well, the only thing left to is create a proper bat symbol on the chesr piece and im toying with the idea of getting actual rubber type cloth for the cape to make it more accurate.
Awesome. I would be interested in seeing how a modified cape would look on a Kenner Batman.

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