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Default Re: Kenner did actually make an accurate Returns batman figure

here i have added the accurate bat symbol to the Returns batman, and you can see a side by side comparison with a normal B89 batman. the returns batman is actually taller and you can see that aside from the face sculpt, they are completely different figures.

what i also like is that the spray painted black i used on the Returns batman matches the Returns armor very nicely, and it gives it that amtte black color just like in the film, whereas the B89 batman is more that shinier black black like it was in B89. i am thinking about putting an accurate B89 emblem on him just so that they can both be as accurate as possible. overall im happy with this custom job. ive been wanting to do this for a couple of years since i found out about the deluxe figure haveing Returns armor. it wasnt that difficult really.

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