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Default Re: Characterization of the Knight - Nolan and Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman - Part 2

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
The problem is that many of the times the criticism are put forth in a way that to seeks to definitively state flaws as objective flaws. Which can come off as an indirect insult to the tastes of those who liked those very things that the opposing side is calling a defect of the film. That's how the defense starts. At least for me. I've got a thicker skin for it now, but that's how it started in my case.

So Guard, no offense, but when you say "love the film, warts and all" and say that the more critical crowd is assessing the movie "on a different level", that once again seems to imply that people who had less issues with the film just have lower standards and can just ignore certain things. Basically like we're just watching the movie with blinders on. In a sense, what you just said could be boiled down to, "By all means, enjoy your flawed mess of a movie and let the big boys talk." I don't even think that's what you're trying to imply, it just unfortunately can come off as very condescending. And that can get people riled up.

For instance, I actually loved the LOS's inclusion in the film, and them returning in spite of a cleaner Gotham was in fact brilliant, and paved the way for bringing a lot of themes established in Batman Begins full circle. Yet it's constantly hammered on here as a fundamental weakness of the movie. That's why the arguments go in circles and frustration builds on both sides. I'm trying to be more selective about posts I respond to because I think we're at a point where there's a mutual respect between some posters on "opposing" sides of the debate, and each side can more or less guess what the other is going to say before they say it. I try not to add fuel to the fire, and I'm definitely to content to "love the film, warts and all".

And certainly, whining about other people's opinions doesn't get you anywhere, so I totally agree with you in that regard. The simple fact we all need to live with is that with this movie, what some people see as bad writing, others see as good writing and vice versa. It's that simple. If I thought TDKR wasn't well-written, I wouldn't like it nearly as much as I do. So there goes the "accept it's not well-written, but go on loving it" proposal.
Very nice post mate. I agree with what you said. I got blasted by some posters because I said that the problems that you (the viewer) have with the film are yours and not the film itself, but when they want to argue against me they dont use my whole posts just that one sentence, which backs up why I say that. I feel the film is perfect but I get ripped for not seeing the so called flaws. That I have so called lower standards because I dont have anything negative to say about the film. I dont mean or want to hurt anybodys feelings, I just want to express my feelings toward the film and If people are hurt or offended by that then so be it, that cant be helped. People have personal prefrences and some were not met by some fans doesnt mean that they are wrong, but please guys dont go ripping people apart because they like something you dont. We respond or reply to posts not because we have to because we choose to.

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