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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V (A.K.A 5) - Part 1

Originally Posted by Soapy
Hmm...I played a ton of Red Dead multiplayer, but only played a little GTAIV multiplayer (and didn't really enjoy it).

I guess my answer to Wolvieboy would be that I want full campaign co-op. I don't really care about competitive modes.
This. The free roam world is definitely the main thing I want expanded. I could get them not having co-op stories, but I think you should at least be able to do everything in the free roam world in MP that you can do in SP, not just with DLC. Go to bars, get drunk, play pool, go bowling etc, all that stuff.

Originally Posted by ProjectPat2280
But SR sucks, especially in the campaign portion of the game. I don't think Rockstar will go the campaign co op route, at least not how it was done in SR. They don't need a campaign co op anyway, it'd take the focus away from the individual, something Rockstar tends to emphasize.
SR 3 had a really enjoyable and rewarding co-op campaign. Games like that and Fable 3 have proved for me that, after a game is over, all the collecting, side missions, exploring that you can do in most open world games is infinitely more enjoyable in co-op.

I agree that the story focus may be too important for co-op campaign, but I think either massively expand on the MP Free Roam or even have friends be able to drop into your world as a 'homie' or something like that.

Either way, I want A LOT more freedom in the free roam MP world.

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