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Default Re: 11.3 - Haunted - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Great chapter. Action-packed with some good Lex character moments. I was surprised they showed The Brain and Monsieur Mallah but I'm glad they put a good spin on them. BQM seems to enjoy giving campy villains like Prankster, Psimon and Brain a better take and make them relevant to the overall story. So far, so good. That was obviously The Black Flash after Bart, and as a huge fan of the Speed Force concept, I'm very happy they put that element in. The "Monkey" line was priceless. The art was great. I hope Jimenez draws more chapters than the other rotating artists, because he's just awesome. He draws Clark youthful and serious at the same time, with enough similarity to Tom while still putting his own spin on his looks. As a Smallville fan and DC reader, I'm delighted to see such a great balance between faithfulness to the source and artistic expression. Haunted may turn out to be the best chapter of S11 so far.

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