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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by mjbull23 View Post
This movie will pull somewhere in the neighborhood of 400-500 mil domestically and take in another 150 mil internationally, which would put it in the 700 mil neighborhood. Which would be fantastic, and almost certainly guarantee another installment.

On the other hand, if it fails to reach 500 mil worldwide, then I think Superman may be shelved from Cinematic release for quite some time. shudder to think.

Thor did 450 Mill and cost 25 mil less then MOS to film, and Thor is getting a sequel. Just look at Green Lantern, grossed only 219 mil world wide and WB claimed at one point that it was getting a sequel, even though it did so bad.

Point is WB is desperate at the moment, Zack Snyder already stated that he is doing what he could to set WB up for the JL movie (in less suttle talk), so from this it is quite obvious that MOS will be leading into JL. Even if MOS does what Thor did at $450 mil, it will easilly get a sequel. It will get a sequel at $400 Mil, mainly because it will be connected to JL movie.

I do find it funny that some on here feel as if MOS will be seperate from the JL movie, stating Henry will not be involved in JL, and that there will be a totally different Sups in that movie. All I gotta say is thank the comic gods for that interview a couple weeks back with Zack Snyder stating that he is doing his what he needs to to to help WB set up for JL (I am Paraphrasing here).

There is NO WAY IN HE11 that WB will change the face of Sups just 2 years after releasing MOS, there is already a he11 storm going on from some who are ticked off that Brandon Routh is not sups in MOS, and this is 7 yrs after SR was released! Imagine how confussed people would be if Henry was not Sups in a JL movie???

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