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Default Re: The SUPERIOR Spider-Man - Part 1

Issue #4:

Once again, another great chapter. First of all, I'll eat my crow, Camuncoli's art here was great and rivaled Stegman's in some panels (I still lik Stegman's overall though).

For the plot itself, Massacre was once again a pretty cool villain. His complete disregard for human life is just awesome. I don't necessarily like that Stegman killed Dr. Kafka on a whim like that, although I guess her character has long outlived its purpose in the Spidey universe. The scene with Ock throwing a tantrum because Peter never got his doctorate was also pretty funny. And countdown to the May rape debates. :maybe

For the twist at the end...not sure how I feel about the way it was handled. It felt kind of out of place given what the rest of the issue was about, but we all knew he was coming back so I guess Slott had to get it rolling at some point. Can't believe how long it's been since he was used in a Spidey comic though, hope Slott does him justice.

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