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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Well just over 4 weeks to go so we'll soon find out just how powerful this version of Superman is.

Going by the tv spots we've seen so far, it seems they've been pretty faithful to the comics and most of the powers we expect (flight, strength, speed, heat vision, degrees of invulnerability, etc) all seem to be present and accounted for.

To me, one of the most important powers to depict on screen is flight, and it looks very promising from what we've seen so far - not that I'd expect any less from someone as keenly tuned into visuals as Snyder is. Flight is arguably Superman's most iconic power; it's why the tagline for Donner's film was "You'll believe a man can fly" ......... not "You'll believe a man can shoot lasers" or "You'll believe a man can lift a mountain"

Flight is so much more than just a power; it sums up a lot of what Superman represents, as this almost perfect and advanced version of man. Flight is a metaphor for freedom, for looking upwards and onwards, for being unrestricted and able to go anywhere & do anything. It's very important that they portray it convincingly on screen but also show how majestic and powerful Superman can make it look. The original Superman was only able to leap tall buildings, but I like to think that whoever came up with the idea of flight did so because it represents the concept of a Super-man much more than powerful leaps do.

One of my first questions in this thread was "How powerful should Superman be?". I've a feeling that MOS may not actually answer that question. Snyder made a comment about Superman flying, and you think he's going pretty fast ............. and then he just punches it up another level, and so on. Perhaps this Superman simply doesn't know how fast or strong he is; he just pushes himself harder and goes a little further every time. It's not unrealistic I guess; Olympian athletes will compete over and over again to better their previous performances, and just when you think they couldn't improve - they do.

By not establishing any particular limit, it also satisfies the group of fanboys who insist on being 100% clear whether Superman is stronger than Thor, or Hulk is stronger than Superman, and so on. Keeping it a grey area allows more potential in future and doesn't restrict Superman in any way.

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