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Default Re: State your unpopular film related opinion - - - - Part 13

Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
Ask people, not websites. And... before you slap me around with "where do the opinions on those websites come from?" just answer me this truthfully: The vast majority of people that go to see movies, do they go anywhere online and give their opinion about what they just watched, or how they feel about any damned entertainment? My answer is no. Most don't. The sample size of respondents/posters on these sites are just not sufficient to make any kind of proclamation about the popularity of these films. Ask your friends and family, if they have seen both. Ask anyone who has seen these films, and especially ask those who are either older or not genre fans. Most will go "Eh, it was ok, I guess". People in the real world just yawn, at both of them. And it's a hard thing for us fanboy types to swallow. But it's the truth. Nether disdain nor praise. You can quote me RT/Metacritic/IMDB all day. The fact is outside of my circle of fan friends, most everyone I have spoken to about those films (and the reason I ever asked about either is the freakin' bloodbaths of opinion wars both films produced online) have no strong opinion of TDKR or SM3.
I knew you would say that. Do you have any proof of this? Whether you like it or not, those websites are the closest things you have any type of national consensus barring that you actually go around ask every person who's seen the movie. As far I know, it's just your opinion against actual facts that I brought up from many film consensus websites. All those people from all those websites can't be fanboys. That's not a how movie makes a billion, more of the time.

With your logic, I can say that about most movies because I can't go out and ask every person who's seen the movie if they liked it or not.

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