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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - Part 3

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Ill take MOS over Avengers. But I understand that Avengers gets to the point quicker and has a lot of fun for fans. With MOS you don't get to see Clark until about 20 minutes into the movie. And it's bearded Clark on a fishing boat. Then of course a chunk of time is spent on the childhood flashbacks where a different child actor plays him then even for the teenage years with Pa Kent are spent with yet ANOTHER actor who isn't Henry.

I love all that stuff but I can see why some people would rather get lost in Avengers where the known actors in their roles are right in front of their faces and the whole movie is straightforward.
I disagree with your comment that child Clark delayed the "good parts" of the film, in large part because they were the good parts of the movie. For many viewers, and several reviewers and I did read a lot of reviews of MoS, the scenes involving ma and pa kent were the best scenes in the movie. The studio recognised it as well as this is what they chose to include in the previews. Personally, I thought that Diane Lane was the most compelling actress or actor in the movie, and I know a lot of other people thought so too. What warmth there was in the movie came from Martha's love.

This is an origin story, and Clark is unique among the major superheroes in that his canonical story is very, very, heavily dependent on his adoptive parents. They're a big deal in the 1986-2010 comics continuity (I don't know about the other continuities), they were a big deal on Smallville, and a big deal on Lois and Clark, and a big deal in the Donnerverse. It's not like Green Lantern, or Captain America, where the parents and the childhood don't get a prominent role in the story, it's expected for Superman.

Whereas Batman is arguably defined by the struggle to deal with watching his parents get murdered, Superman is partly defined by the fact he was raised in a loving home. Clark Kent becomes Superman because his parents didn't get murdered. I argue it's important to show this.

But they didn't show much of this. We got maybe 10 minutes combined of screen time for Ma and Pa Kent. We instead got 30-40 minutes of Crowe-El being the ultimate cliché and one of the least compelling and least interesting characters I've ever seen in a comic book movie, and 45 minutes of endless CGI action including a fight with the giant metal squid in the Indian Ocean, and precious little of ma and pa kent.

The scenes of Clark growing up did not delay the better part of the movie. They were the better part of the movie. I personally think they were tied with the early Lois scenes, but critics overall raved uniquely specified the scenes with ma and pa kent as the best part of the movie, so I'm outnumbered and overruled. A better MoS would not have had less of childhood Clark, it would have had more, at the expense of the weak science fiction of Krypton, the fight with the giant metal squid, and possibly the Zod fight. There would have been more character development this way... we are after all talking about a beloved character, so why not show the character? Add some scenes with Martha, maybe add a friendship scene with Pete Ross or Lana Lang, or, if it were up to, maybe add some small talk with Lois Lane or Clark working at the Smallville Ledger.

A good writer doesn't need the tension of endless action sequences to emotionally connect the viewers. Go watch the movies Rush or Gravity, in theatres now, to see what spectacular character work looks like.

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