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Default Re: Why no love and expectations for X3 from the media??

Originally Posted by MJB
None of know how well X3 will turn out, but i do know that i can raise counter points for the movies you've chosen to shine a light on.

The Break Up? Yeah that's going to be a huge winner because of Anniston. Oh wait a second um wasn't she like in three of four big movies earlier this year? What were they? Derailed, Something with Kev Costner and two more i that I can't remember. Yeah those movie really raked in the cheese. If anything will be the saving grace it's going to be Vince Vaughan and even he's not that big of a draw with out his crew to make the film whole, but we'll have to see.

The Omen is FOx so does it really count? I'd give at around 80 million tops domestically.

Cars: I can agree with you on that

POTC: It's freash and different then the standard formula. It'll do well and quite possiably number 1 for the summer if not the year.

Posiden: Um I'm not sold on this. I see 20-25 million opening weekend for the Stealth star Josh Lucas. Looks good, but I see a 120 million tops domestic

Superman: Will have a strong opening, but could fall quickly despite all the hype it's going to get when people see it's nothing more then a rehash with todya's fx ala King King. Singer has brought 0 new to the table with the exception of Supes having a son. I betting supes will be the number 1 flick of the summer personally, but i had to list what's working against the film.

Davinci Code: jury's still out on how well it'll do. Despite being a successful book i have little interest in this film as do a lot of other people. Not a huge fan of Ron Howard. Hanks is good and if i see it it'll be due to him. I think it'll do well. Probably take in 175 million overall, but then it could pull a passion of the Christ if the hype works.

X3: so many it seems are rooting for this film to fail, which i've noticed more and more as the release date zooms in. is there something to fear from the xmen? Is WB worried. Although i see no threat for SR and POTC since the their release dates are a good enough away apart for them to rake in some cash. WB has a lot of power in the entertainment media. I've seen nothing blandness and negativeity from the media so far or no press at all. I'm really hoping this turns out good if for no other reason then to make the haters eat crow. Some do have a cause to be alarmed, but none of us have seen the movie.
great comments
Vaugn is a draw, he's no Tom Crusie (48 million for MI:3, that should show you that the movie audience is not what it use to be) but you are forgetting wedding crashers, and the hit, 40 year old virgin, movies like this seem to win over audiences, and from the previews i saw in the theaters, this movie was getting alot of laughs

you can't count out a sinking ship, remember titanic, who would have know that titanic was goint to be that huge, diaster movies always work, no matter how bad, Perfect Storm, Day after Tomorrow, Twister, movies like that are always strong

I never said the Omen will be huge, it's going to rank 1st it's opeing week if reviews are decent, over then that, 100 mill tops

Davanic code, is going to be huge........... that's all I've been hearing about from people, it's gonna be huge.......

POTC is going to be unstoppable, and I don't think X3 can come close. people are forgetting, Money's tight, gasoline effecting 75% of households, people aren't just going to rush out to see a movie, I'm just going to say, well have to wait till late augest to know forsure

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