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Default Re: Why no love and expectations for X3 from the media??

Originally Posted by BMM
I agree with most of your assessments . . . I don't think Poseidon will do too well either . . . of all the big summer blockbusters, I think it will probably do the worst.

I disagree about the Break-Up though. Yeah, Aniston's other films were bombs, but this one puts her back in her successful comedic good-girl role coupled with the media frenzy it will bring via the Angelina-Brad-Jennifer-Vince mess.

Thank You, but I don't expect The Break Up to pull a Hitch. Maybe if it was released earlier this year it'll would've broke a 100 million and I'm being kind. Nothing about this film screams north of a 100 million. Now since the box office is unpredictable it's not far fetched. I think it'll do between 60-80 million. I just can't say for certain, but i can say that it's not going to be this huge movie. Also Anniston is wayyyyyyyy over rated as a box office power house. She was just a struggling actress who managed and with luck landed on a successful sitcom. She's not this good actress, she only decent. A successufl sitcom with years in the running does not equal box office star clout.

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