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Default Re: Why no love and expectations for X3 from the media??

Originally Posted by Godzilla2000
I'd say compared to her comic book counterpart, Callisto in the movie is a vast improvement.

The point is not to "improve" characters . . . Following that logic, why not have a male model play Peter Parker simply for the sake of "improving" him? It completely disregards the character, and then what's the point? Even moreso for a character like Callisto who's looks actually served a purpose in explaining the actions of her character and the motivations of her people.

Originally Posted by X-Maniac
But for whatever reason, Singer moved on. Even if that was Fox's 'fault', he moved on. To wait for him to return (hardly likely if he left because he was fed up with Fox) would be ridiculous. We had to wait four years between X1 and X2, and it's two years as it is between X2 and X3. If you think Bryan would come running back to Fox to do X3, you are sorely deluded. He'll probably have a Superman sequel, the Logan's Run project and other things. And even if he didn't, would he want to come back? If you leave an employer because you are pissed off with them, would you willingly come back??? I don't think so. Get real.
You've missed the point--I never said Singer would come running back to X3 . . . the point was that Singer was to never leave X3 as he said he wanted to do both films (and look, he could have started on it this Summer--not so crazy). Of course I didn't expect him to come running back to X3 after he was booted off the project . . . and running back is a little presumptuous . . . I hardly think Singer will be forced to run back to anything given the leap forward his career has taken.

Originally Posted by X-Maniac
In the UK, Vinnie is a household name as a footballer and general thug. If you could just imagine there is a world outside America for one moment....
And what does that do for the rest of the world, aside from America? . . . Is there also not a whole world outside of the UK?

Originally Posted by X-Maniac
I disagree. The movie is called The Last Stand, the trailers make it clear there is a final battle, we also clearly see Jean Grey being alive and well and with the Brotherhood - and if the reviewer knew anything about X2, they'd connect the dots. Even if they didn't get the Phoenix clues, they should have mentioned the 'last stand' aspect instead of homing in on a pharmaceuticals company. Why was it necessary to mention a pharmceuticals company? Who else makes drugs? It was redundant information.
Again, you've missed the point of my argument. Newsweek's summary is based on nothing more than the official summary distributed by FOX (not trailers and not tv spots) which says nothing about the Phoenix or anything of the like (if you have an issue with it, take it up with the studio)--it only includes information about a cure for mutants distributed by a pharamaceutical co.

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