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Default Re: Why no love and expectations for X3 from the media??

Originally Posted by X-Maniac
You have to remember though that - if we are to go into criticism mode - Singer's movies weren't perfect. Cyclops was absent in most of X2, Storm was underdeveloped.. People have moaned on about Rogue, Sabretooth, Iceman, Magneto's mutation machine, Stryker and his serum, the inclusion of non-comicbook characters like 'TV remote control' kid, the near-absence of Jubilee, etc etc.
Those are comic fanatics complaints... i disreguard those personally. I think if we listened to all the comic fans the movie would end up looking like a freak show lol

Absense of gambit has caught my attention, but if this is a good film i dont mind seeing him in a wolverine spinoff or something.

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