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Default Re: Why no love and expectations for X3 from the media??

Originally Posted by JokerNick
true true, but come on people, I understand we are all fanboys of this franchise, but I ask someone, to show me where all this confidence is coming from, the trailers were ok, nothing great, and I'm sorry, that clip on the leno show was bad, just bad, and no, I'm not trying to get your panties in a bunch, it's just that people here get more deefensive about this movie then anything else, i could draw a pic of muhamad riding a bomb, and get a more civilized response
It's only a coincidence that most of the complaints made on this movie have logical explanations to why the basis of the complaints are the way that they they are...Some people accept the explanations and some do not..

For example, someone complains about the special effects. Another person refutes saying that the special effects aren't completed.


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