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Default Re: Dear WB, your supposed 2009 blockbusters continue to fail...

Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
That being said it is all about perception. Star Trek will probably end up making between 220 Million - 230 Million domestically, if not more. The budget for Star Trek was around 218 Million. Let's say Star Trek makes 220 Million, that is only 2 million more than it's budget and overseas it is not doing gangbusters. It will end up making less than Superman Returns WW.
Where are you getting the 218 million budget? Everywhere I've looked says the budget was around 160 million.

As for international where the reimagined Star Trek really needs to show strength to set it apart from the disappointing foreign takes of its predecessors, rival studios are telling me the overseas openings "weren't that hot". And, remember, Star Trek's budget was $165M.

The unspoken but understood message: if Mr. Abrams’s “Star Trek” is going to justify its estimated $150 million budget, it had better reach beyond the die-hard fans of Vulcans, Tribbles and dilithium crystals.
I'm not saying your wrong, but I can't find anywhere a story that says its 218 million.

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