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Default Re: Dear WB, your supposed 2009 blockbusters continue to fail...

Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
I am still at the same point I have been for many months. WB WANTS to make a Superman movie sometime soon, but they don't NEED to.
They still don't need to, but things can change. Superman was considered needless after the success of 300 ($456m ww with a budget of $65m) and Transformers ($708,272,592 ww with a budget of $150m).

IMO it's clear that Watchmen is 300's son and Terminator: Salvation is WB's answer to Transformers. They both have failed, so since 2007-2008 something has already changed. Maybe not enough for Superman, but in two years we'll see the last Harry Potter movie, and I doubt that Batman can be considered a 5-6 movies franchise.

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