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Default Re: Dear WB, your supposed 2009 blockbusters continue to fail...

Originally Posted by FilmNerdJamie View Post
You just proved how clueless you are - especially in terms of box-office.
Excuse me? I may not help work on some joke back to the future site, but I do know a damn large amount about the box office and how it works; seeing these comoc book posters attempt to tell me Im "clueless" about something I've followed and discussed for nearly a decade is laughable; when it comes to box office knowledge the last thing I am is "clueless" broseph; I dont need to work for a wannabe hype website to know that anytime overseas accounts for 1/3 of a films worldwide gross, its not exactly "solid".

The Trek franchise has never been huge internationally. The fact that this new film will end up with around $100 million overseas is solid as Hell.
Its overseas take will account for a smaller % of its worldwide total than previous Trek films, the fact that it is 100 million doesnt mean anything due to inflation; it still equals less ticket sales overseas than previous films. I thought you knew what you were talking about?

Someone with a brain and knows what he's talking about - i.e. not you.
Infaction ftw? Wheres a mod when you need one?

Besides, you've shown no evidence of a functioning brain, and what do you know? That Warner Brothers spends a lot more on their tentpoles than they tell us? Wow, I am very impressed. You think because you right articles about what hype Superman fans think that makes you an expert? The reality is you have no idea what your talking about when it comes to anything reguarding the box office. End of discussion.

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