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Default Re: Dear WB, your supposed 2009 blockbusters continue to fail...

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
TS has nothing to do with the Superman franchise.

The fanboys are really reaching this time.
But are we all fanboys, including you? Well, fangirl actually. But you'll get the point......I think.

Originally Posted by Superark View Post
I know before you were saying/guessing the next Superman film might come out in 2011. I guess that has changed. So are you now of the assumption that 2012 is the target or is that wishful thinking too?
I think Batman 3 will be out in 2012 if Nolan does return. 2011 seem very unlikely right now so far.

Originally Posted by Blackman View Post
This is turning into
"The Plan is just to Reintroduce Superman..." pt. 2
Someone must spin the Earth back or gave a Mod the amnesia kiss if this happend soon.

~AP's a pedophilia who love posting pics of little boys in Superman costumes O_o
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