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Default Re: web shooter swinging

Originally Posted by brado View Post
This is your formula:

jb weild(concreite only),water,elmers glue,home depos every brand of adhesive

The "home depos every brand of adhesive" cracks me up every time I read it. Really, dude... there are times in life where you should just learn to quit while you're behind. This IS one of those times. I assume next you'll tell us you fell into the table in the middle of an earthquake. That's really about the only way you're going to knock all that crap onto the floor. Of course JB Weld only comes in those little 1oz tubes and is so thick it would probably take 10 minutes to actually SPILL out of any container you might have had it in. If you keep shoveling all this BS maybe at the bottom of the pile you'll find a camera and your notebook...
dude i had every single one of the adhesives into one cup DUH

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