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Default Re: web shooter swinging

lol k I think I should step in. Personally I think it's possible Goku9600 wanted someone to test out this formula so he made up a story of swinging to get someone with experience to see if the formula even works. BUT I don't dwell on that thought. I just put it aside. Goku9600 I'm not calling you a liar or anything like that. But I do have a request just for the sake of having this forum clean and productive, if you have any claims, post proof before mentioning them, if you have any formulas post proportions first or at least don't egg on about it too much without information to replicate. If you have an idea but can't test it out yourself, then say so.

I know those aren't set rules, and I don't mean to discourage anyone. This is just an idea that may create a space of efficiency and productivity on the forum. It seems that people are getting a little anxious.

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