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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Not to bring up a dead horse. I'm just always fascinated by superhero power levels. Also couldn't hurt to discuss being that Batman's slated for the sequel.

Man of Steel obviously showed a Superman who is not quite the strongest he has ever been seen. Personally, I find it to be great. Whether this means he will eventually attain limitless power "by testing his limits" as Jor El suggested, or if he is just permanently nerfed in favor of a more physically appealing Superman, I'm happy.

Basically all it means to me is that Snyder and Co. are keeping his power level in mind and not just suiting it to their needs. Not only do they want it to look good and be in the realm of realistic believability, but they want it to look good.

As it was shown, Kal had issues lifting an Oil Rig when previously he's been able to lift continents.

Obviously this is before he even knows where his powers come from, but it seems to be a real struggle for him. Still, it shows him as thousands of times stronger than any man and substantially stronger than any single non-kryptonian superhero depicted on screen in the past.

We also see a Superman whose heat vision requires some intense discomfort/concentration/effort. Much like his heightened senses, vision/hearing/etc.

This is obviously a skill he doesn't use often, but it seems like the process takes a bit out of him.

His first flight is a challenge for him, seen as something of an extension of his leaping ability. He seems to be disinclined to take high caliber bullets in stride. He doesn't seem to be "all star superman" intelligent. He also has trouble fighting other Kryptonians.

But my personal favorite factoid in the film is that, not only does he receive all his powers from the yellow sun, but he loses most (if not all) of them when subjected to another atmosphere. Meaning he is only Superman on Earth. For any future endeavors that could potentially take him out of our Solar System, he will likely need a ship and/or space suit.

We don't see his freeze breath. Which I don't mind. I would however, not only like to see the ability in a sequel, but also an explanation. That would be something I'm interested in.

All in all, he's a Superman that we can obviously see as capable of taking out Zod. But one that could believably have trouble with the right Batman/Lex Luthor. And would definitely need help against Darkseid. So imo, right on the money.

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