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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

I too agree that Superman's powers were at a level that made him interesting, in that nothing was easy (not fighting the other Kryptonians, destroying the World engine, none of it). Also, the "keep testing your limits" gives the character a lot of scope to grow -made the moment when Zod learned to fly even more significant. You could see the "Oh, ****" look on
Kal-El's face.

On a different note, t be honest, I would prefer it if super-breath didn't show up. I have always thought of it as Superman's dumbest power.

Super-strength I can live with, invulnerability, super speed etc no problem if his energy source is the sun. Heat vision, sure, it's really just pyrokinesis.

But super breath ? first, to generate winds he'd have to inhale far more air than his lungs could ever hold.

Second, super cold breath ? When you blow on something it removes heat, chilling it, but how does superman super-cool the air in his lungs ?

Really, these powers are a bit silly, and I'm okay without him having them.
There's plenty he can do already, and what he's got are the core powers
that make Superman who he is.

Yes, I know it's Superman and we have to suspend disbelief, but that's my opinion.

MOS rocked, bring on BM v SM ! Peace.

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