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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
But super breath ? first, to generate winds he'd have to inhale far more air than his lungs could ever hold.
In theory, Supes can expel air out of his lungs with explosive force. But you’re correct - the amount of air he can hold in a single breath is limited to the physical size of his chest and lungs (i.e., “normal” for an adult male who’s roughly 6’2”, etc.). Mechanical devices with various valves, pistons and chambers can compress a lot of air into a small volume. But as far as we know, Supes’ internal anatomy is the same as ours. So he wouldn’t be able to compress large quantities of air any better than a typical human.

Second, super cold breath ? When you blow on something it removes heat, chilling it, but how does superman super-cool the air in his lungs?
The “Joule-Thomson effect” describes how gas - when forced through a small opening (and expands) - cools. (When using an aerosol product, perhaps you’ve noticed that the spray (and even the can) gets cold as you press the button.) So in that respect, “freeze breath” is accurate. But to achieve a dramatically frigid temperature, the air pressure would have to be at hurricane strength. And in the comics, Supes is often able to cool or freeze something without blowing it to smithereens. (In a L&C episode, Clark chilled a martini with a gentle exhale.)

Strictly speaking, neither of Supes’ breath powers (“wind” or “freeze”) could work as advertised.

Originally Posted by PKorion View Post
Spoilers ........after seeing Man Of Steel i have one problem if Superman can kill Zod by breaking his neck could someone of Zod's strength break Superman's neck, this to me seems to be a major weakness for continuing stories with stronger villains.
When it gets down to the geeky minutia and technicalities, the “internal logic” of super strength against invulnerability (which one prevails?) can get problematic. I think the comics took the (simplistic) view that a Kryptonian vs. Kryptonian battle essentially cancelled out most of the super-powered advantages. So presuming that a reasonably strong human could break another human’s neck, the same “physics” would apply between Superman and Zod.

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