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Default Re: ABC's Once Upon a Time - Part 4

Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
Ok, so after seeing WONDERLAND tonite and the events that transpired in the flashback, I am now thinking that Maleficient HAS to start playing a bigger role in things once we are done with Neverland and get back to good ole Maine. Last we saw her she did seem to be regenerating in some way. Just as a kick in the head I think it would be cool if when our heroes get back Mal has taken over the town, maybe even returned it to it's cursed state. I think Mal would be great as a true frenemy of Regina's. Sort of like an addicts drug buddy that keeps tempting them with the promise of one last hit of the good stuff.

This. A thousand times this. Could be possible too since True Blood will be ending next summer


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