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Default Marvel Films vs DC Films

Ah, the constant struggle for superiority!

Let's see how it's gone so far.

DC hasn't had a lot of luck with their films. So far, DC films usually don't end up well, but the ones they get right are loved. Burton's Batman, Donner's Superman, Watchmen, Nolan's Batman. But WB, despite having absolutely no restrictions on what characters they can use, are having trouble. The only franchise they have is Batman, and Nolan is reluctant to have Batman and Superman in the same universe, so a Justice League movie is even further away than we thought. However, they are trying to get the League's characters introduced to the audience, but if they want to make a film, there is a very, very high chance they will need to reboot Batman. We should be seeing a JL movie, at this rate, by, say, about 2015.

But that's not to say that Marvel also hasn't had it's fair share of bad films. The X-Men franchise is famous for it's fall, and, among many fans, hitting the ground like an anvil with X-Men Origins: Wolverine (although I personally liked that film, but to each his own), the Fantastic Four with the infamous Cloud Galactus (although, if you watch it closely, you'll see that it is actually that Galactus is IN the cloud, not the cloud itself, since you see the shadow of his helmet pass over Saturn). Sony has Spidey, which went very well, but it fell with SM3, and the reboot has turned many, many fans off from Sony. Not to mention the 90's Cap film. Also, Ghost Rider and Dardevil also got the short end, but not as much as some of the other films.

But they have had success. The two Hulk films are often debated, some liking Ang Lee's, some liking Leterrier's, some liking both, and some liking neither. Iron Man and it's sequel have both helped Marvel Studios prove itself able to handle it's material on it's own. They have a game plan, and so far have executed it well. They have Thor in post-production and just starting up on Cap filming. They have a director, producer, and several actors, rumored and confirmed, lined up for The Avengers.

There are, however, some roadblocks. The origin of Caps shield may change a bit, since they cannot use Adamantium, since it belongs to Fox via Wolverine. Spider-Man, one of their heavy-hitters, as well as easily one of the most popular and well known superheroes of all time, among the GA and fans alike, belongs at Sony. If the reboot does badly, it is very possible Sony will abandon Spider-Man, thinking they have done as much with him as they can, and rights will revert back to Marvel. The same goes for Daredevil and Ghost Rider, although a Daredevil reboot is being thought about, and a GR sequel in production. Fox is holding on to the FF with a reboot, and X-Men with, after recent character reveals, is starting to appear to be a possible reboot, although a prequel is still possible.

So, the point of the discussion is: How do you think the companies have done so far with their movies?

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