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Default WB & DC: The Plan For Superman

WB, don't try too hard to faithfully continue from SR. afterall, SR is sending wrong messages, and it has too many bad attachments.

you would have no time to introduce new villains, to develop the new plot, the characters of clark kent, superman & lois lane, and to get the public involved if you went to develop the kid storyline; the superman & the kid relationship, the triangular love, to explain richard white and to bring lex luthor back into business.

if you made a faithful sequel of SR, it would only lead you to dead end and kill the superman movie franchise all together.

pls just make a good superman movie. the metallo & brainiac episodes of the animation of superman are some of the examples of a good structure superman film you can refer to.

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Originally Posted by SentinelMind
... But even looking to the future, I'm skeptical about the sequel. The thing about Superman 3 and 4 is that those were bad films, but they didn't tarnish Supes character so much that a good sequel to those couldn't be made. It's sort of like James Bond franchise, some additions are campy and others are more serious. However, with Superman Returns, Singer has written himself into a box and tarnished the potential of this franchise. All sequels have to be set up on Singer's silly premises and bad characterization of Superman.

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