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Default Re: The Ultimate DC RPG - Season III: Sign-Up/OOC Thread

Character Application

.Character you wish to portray: Inspector Edward Nygma

.Hero, villain, or walking the line?: Walking The Line

.Powers and physical attributes: No powers, but Nygma has a brilliant intellect and is an expert detective with training in firearms. In addition to his police skills, Nygma is a master people-reader and manipulator.

.Origin and backstory (as you see it):
Born in Glasgow, Kentucky on October 17th 1972 to parents Joesph and Mary Nygma, Edward Frank Nygma grew up in an abusive home with his ultra passive mother and mentally ill father.

Nygma was constantly breated by his father while his mother stood by, too afraid to defend her son. His father mentally and phsyically abuse also extended to his mother, who never told anyone about her husband's behavior and always let him get away with it. His mother took her own life on December 23rd, 1982 when Nygma was ten years old. Leaving Edward alone to be victimized by his father, who abused Edward to mask the jealousy of his son's superior intellect.

Nygma was constantly picked on in school, his reserved nature and social awkwardness made him easy prey.

Graduating from high school, Nygma enrolled at a nearby community college. As soon as Nygma turned 18, he promptly had his father committed to the same insane asylum Sue had been in. Nygma never visited his father and let him waste away in the mental hospital, justice in Nygma's mind for all the years of abuse. Joseph Nygma died in 1996, a shell of the man he had once been.

After a life of being picked on and being the butt of jokes, Nygma opted for respect the quickest way he could think of. He became a Sheriff's Deputy for Barren County, Kentucky, and helped police his home county.

While in the service of the sheriff, Nygma quickly learned he had an eye for human weakness and for reading people. He soon became a detective and excelled capturing criminals and interrogating them.

In 1998, Nygma was investigating a kidnapping/murder of a little girl. The little girl's features reminded him of his mother. He dove head-first into the murder, becoming consumed by it. He devoted every waking moment to the case. His co-workers saw a change in him and he was put up in psychic evaluation. Nygma was diagnosed with manic-depressive disorder and spent some time in the same mental hospital his father had died in.

He was discharged from the sheriff's department and Nygma spent the next two years doing odd-jobs around Glasgow. It was in late 2000 Nygma read about job openings in the Gotham City Police Department. Captivated with the idea of solving big city murders, Nygma packed his bags and left Kentucky for Gotham. Applying for a job, he left out the part about his mental disorder. He was accepted and began working as a patrolman. After a few years of walking a beat, Nygma became a detective working robbery. He quickly graduated to homicide and was promoted to Sergeant.

Working in Homicide, Nygma had his first, but not last, brush with a serial killer. Nygma worked the case of the Hangman, a serial killer who lynched his victims all throughout the summer of 2004. Nygma led SWAT through the door of suspect John Lees, who had a gun in his hands and pointed at the cops. With no choice, Nygma shot and killed Lees. Evidence to Lees guilt was found and he was posthumously branded as the Hangman.

For his efforts, Nygma was awarded a promotion to Lieutenant and became second-in-command with the Major Crimes Unit. In 2007, Commissioner James Gordon gave Nygma a risky assignment. He was to go undercover as a corrupt cop and provide intel and services for the Maroni Crime Family. Family don Salvatore "The Boss" Maroni welcomed Nygma with open-arms and soon began to trust the cop and confide in him.

After a questionable action from Gordon, Nygma began investigating him and soon discovered the skeletons in Gordon's closet. Teaming up with the vigilante Batman, undercover officer Selina Kyle, and detective Vic Sage, Nygma began a massive investigation into a criminal conspiracy that included the mob, high-ups in the GCPD, and a serial killer known as Holiday.

During the Holiday investigation, Nygma and Kyle had their cover with Maroni blown. The mob boss put a hit out on them and the two had to go underground to survive.

After a nine month investigation, Nygma and Sage arrested Holiday with Batman's help. Holiday turned out to be Police Lieutenant Michael Akins. Akins' plot revolved around avenging the murder of his son, who died at the hands of a hitman hired by the mob and Gordon.

Finding out Holiday's true motives, Nygma made a truce with Gordon and destoryed all evidence to Gordon's involvement with Holiday's creation. Nygma then manipulated Sage, blackmailing with information that he was moonlighting as a masked vigilante. Sage quit the police force in disgust and Nygma was promoted to Inspector, given the charge of being in command of all detectives in the Criminal Investigations Division.

In the aftermath of the Holiday investigation, Internal Affairs Lieutenant Mackenzie Bock investigated Nygma's practices with the help of District Attorney Harvey Dent. Afraid of what the investigation would uncover, Nygma asked for Gordon's help in getting Bock off the case. After Gordon and his thugs beat Bock, DA Harvey Dent swore to work harder on the case and put Nygma and Gordon behind bars.

His back against the wall and feeling pressue from Dent and Maroni, Nygma took care of them in one night. Leading a raiding party to the Gotham Ritz during his niece's wedding, Nygma caused panic and chaos and allowed Maroni to slip away to his office, where Nygma met him and killed the mob boss by pushing him out a window. After that, he drove to Dent's house and firebombed it with molotov cocktails, attempting to kill the rightous DA.

Sickened by his actions, Nygma is left with the thought that he's become two of the men he hates the most: Jim Gordon and his father.

In season two, Nygma reformed from his ways...sort of.

He and Detective Marcus Driver investigated the gruesome murder of Gotham socialite Bette Kane. Driver was killed in the process, but Nygma got absolute justice for his partner and Bette.

Nygma then began investigating the crime kingpin known as Bane. When Nygma ran afoul of Bane, he worked out a deal to save his life in exchange for setting up Batman. Nygma lived up to his end of the bargain, throwing everything he and the GPCD had at Batman in order to soften the vigilante up.

Now, Nygma begins to worry as news breaks out that the FBI and US Attorney are launching a probe into the GCPD. On top of that, Jim Gordon has now come out of his coma.

.The burning question - Why this character?:

Nygma is probably my favorite character I've ever had a chance to play in any RPG bar none. I've never had as much fun with a character as I had with him.

I said after the first season I had a three act story in mind. I kind of skimped on act two, but I will more than make up for it in act three.

.How will this version of your character differ from others? How will it be Ultimate?:
He won't be thrusting his groin while dancing around in skin tight green spandex and creating goofy riddles for Batman to figure out. I don't have any desire to turn him into a would-be supervillain like he is in the comics. Instead, I'm taking the character and taking him down a different path. He's still a man consumed by mysteries, riddles, and his desire to be perfect....he just goes about that in a real different way.

.What do you believe you can bring to the RPG?: Big fan of the Batman mythos and a decent writer with a few years experience in these RPGs.

.Provide a short sample post as your desired character, in three paragraphs or more:

The door to the Kane mansion opens up. I hear heels clacking against the hardwood floor. Kate rounds the corner into the massive living room and stops suddenly. She sees me sitting on the couch, a gun in my lap.

"Eddie....what are you?"

"Have a seat, please."

"I don't....what?"


Kate jumps back, partly in fright, partly in shock. She walks over to a recliner and sits down on the edge of the chair.

"It was your father, wasn't it? He killed your sister."

I stand up as Kate stutters and struggles to get her words out. Gripping the gun, I pace across the living room.

"I suppose I couldn't call him your father, can I? No, your father was murdered about six hours ago. Harold was what to you? The man who raised you? The man who abused you?"

"It's not like that," she rasps out. "He loved us."

"Some of that tough love, huh? Slapping you girls around whenever he felt like it. But he did worse didn't he? Tell me, Kate, was he your first?"

Kate swallows hard and closes her eyes. I plunge on into my monologue.

"Your family is ****ed up worst than a tenth generation hillbilly clan. You see, your mother spilled the beans on ya'll. Your family and the Daniels, it's like a Greek tragedy. I bet it pissed Harold off when he found out Bette was ****ing Jerry Daniels. A man that may or may not be her own brother. He beat her, threatened to cut her off from the family fortune, and even said he'd kill her. You, of course, stood by as the faithful child. You were like a dog that gets beaten daily, but still loves his master. You even followed Bette as she went on those romantic outings with Jerry. You went so far as to rent an adjoining room beside their motel room so you could listen in. You recorded it and let daddy listen in. It pissed him off something fierce. When Bette came home that night, he took it out on her again. This time, he went too far. He beat your sister to death. You went the extra mile, though."

I bend down and start poking Kate in the arm, touching each spot Bette was burned and cut at. "You cut her body with a knife, tortured her with cigarette burns and finally your father cut her in half. The brutality designed to throw the cops off on the exact motives of the murder. You probably cut her in half and drained the blood in some vacant house your father owns. Really doesn't matter now. We're way past the point of getting evidence."

I stand up again and back away from Kate. "Bette's body is found and I pick up the case. You start fooling with me, not to keep the family's dirty little secrets out the paper, but to keep an eye on the investigation. There was one thing you and even I overlooked. Apparently, Marcus Driver was a better cop than I could ever imagine. He followed you, got shots of you and I doing it, and photos of you and Jerry arguing. See, Jerry knew something was up so he confronted you. Driver looked into your backgrounds and knew something was up. He confronted you and your father with the information he had. He wasn't looking to solve the case, he was looking for some blackmail money. A few days ago he came to the house and things got heated between him and your father. Driver kicked the **** out of him when he refused to pay. Driver was preparing to tell me all about it when you killed him. You called him, tracked him down, probably managed to drug him before you slit his throat. You began tying up lose ends, Kate."

I point the gun at Kate and mock shooting it. "Pow. Down goes Driver. Pow. Down goes Jerry. Pow. Down goes Mark Daniels. Quite a deadly little game you were playing, missy."

"You can't prove it," she hisses. "You can't prove ****!"

"Look me in the eye and tell me it's a lie....," I say with a smirk. Kate looks away sharply and my smirk blooms into a smile. "That's what I thought. As I said, I don't have any real evidence. Nothing substantial that can tie you to the murder of your sister, Driver, or the Daniels. But it's not about that. On the Holiday case, I had to settle for lesser justice. I had to compromise to save myself. This case is looking a lot like that's gonna happen here."

I motion Kate towards the kitchen. She stands up and slowly walks through the living room into the kitchen. On the floor, the body of Harold Kane is sprawled out and bleeding, a bullet hole in his head. "He confessed to me an hour ago. Helped fill in all the blanks," I say calmly as I screw a suppressor on the gun barrel. "Like I said, I settled for lesser justice before. This time I'm gunning for absolute justice."

A scream begins to come out of Kate's mouth. I silence it with the pull of the trigger. Four shots to the head. Two for the Daniels, one for Driver, and one for Bette. She crumples to the floor next to Harold Kane, blood pouring out her body and mixing with the man who raised her.

And like that, Bette Kane's murder is solved. Three family members dead, one attempted suicide and driven crazy by a life full of abuse and guilt. Harold and Katherine Kane's murders will be just as tragic as the murder of Bette, but they deserved every bit of what they got and then some. Bette's only crime was loving a man. It seems that even the most prominent families aren't immune to being drug down into the gutters of Gotham.

All three murders will go down in the books as an unsolved and tragic chapter in Gotham's first family. It might become famous, or more than likely, infamous. One of those stories that entertain and enthrall the public.

Only I know the truth, and I intend to keep it that way. But then again, all secrets seem to come back to haunt us.

That's the nature of things. We always reap what we sew. Nothing stays buried forever, and our crimes will always come to light.

I think it's that last part that scares me the most.

"These are the times that try men's souls... Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."
-- Thomas Paine

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