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Default Re: The Ultimate DC RPG - Season III: Sign-Up/OOC Thread

Character Application

.Character you wish to portray: Orin of Atlantis - Aquaman

.Hero, villain, or walking the line?: Hero

.Powers and physical attributes: Born an Atlantean, a race of advanced aquatics, Orin possesses a natural undersea adaptation aswell as superhuman strength, speed, senses, durability, and stamina, advanced healing, and a resistance to extreme cold. But perhaps his most unique ability is an unnatural bond with all undersea life, a gift bestowed upon him by the titan Tethys. Unlike the rest of his kind, Orin is the only one to possess blonde hair - a heredity trait that was inherited from his accursed father, Kordax.

.Origin and backstory (as interpreted): After angering the god Poseidon, Atlantean scientist Kordax became the scourge of his people. He was soon cursed by the vengeful wrath of Poseidonis' people and made to be a blight upon Atlantis itself, prompting his death and widowing his love, Cora. Learning that she was pregnant with Kordax's only heir, she fled Poseidonis and took refuge with the titan Tethys for the sake of her baby's safety. And when all hope seemed lost, Tethys finally made a fateful bargain - for the cost of her life, she would ensure that the seas themselves would protect her child. She agreed, and died giving birth to her and Kordax's son, Orin. True to her word, Tethys granted Orin the gift of kinship with all undersea creatures, enabling him to grow up as a child of the seas themselves.

When he became a man, Orin travelled back to Poseidonis and laid the Curse of Kordax to rest by slaying the fabled Kraken, saving the city and becoming beloved by it's people. But despite his newfound fame and reward, Orin was unsatisfied with his predicament. He wished for more, to understand the plight of his mother and father. It wasn't long afterwards that he discovered that despite Tethys' gifts, there was also a curse - his mother was still alive, but had become a vengeful beast of the seas, looking to destroy Poseidonis for their treachery against her family. Orin was forced to confront, and eventually kill the one that birthed him. As a reward for defending his throne, Poseidon offered Orin the chance to become King. But he declined, choosing to go his own path. Orin now vows to protect the seas themselves as the lone hero known to all of Atlantis as Aquaman.

But trouble awaits the newly minted protector of the seas, as the aftermath of a climatic battle with Poseidon himself has left the Sea God perished - with Orin responsible for his demise. Left with both the blame for Poseidon's death and a newfound enemy in the twisted creation that is Ocean Master, his blood counterpart, Aquaman must prepare himself for the dark days that are ahead.

.The burning question - Why this character?: Simply put, I've barely scratched the surface with the character. I went into the mythos last season with a fresh perspective and became enthralled, but I never quite began the story I set out to tell when I originally applied. And suitably so, I feel, because the story requires a slow burn approach. Since Aquaman was put into a unique position that can give me a few more stories with him before my run eventually ends, I decided it'd be neat to continue.

.How will this version of your character differ from others? How will it be Ultimate?: Well, his origin's already different. So from there I plan to build up a further distinction through his supporting cast, like Mera, Garth, and Black Manta, who I want to give a brand new origin. I also want to establish Orin's relationship with the surface world, given that he's never journeyed there by the time that this story begins. How do his powers work, his physiology, ect? What does he think of human culture? Stuff like that can be quite interesting to build on.

.What do you believe you can bring to the RPG?: My plan is to play Orin as a fish-out-of-water when he reaches the surface, so I can bring that authenticity through my ignorance of alot of Aquaman's history. I also bake a mean brownie.

.Provide a short sample post as your desired character, in three paragraphs or more:

The dream presents itself once again.

That terrible nightmare, the one that has haunted his mind for months now. Where he's struggling to breathe and can't, despite the fact that a perfectly clear depth surrounds him. He reaches out to gasp for help, to call out to the ones that he knows will answer his cries, but none of them come. It is as if for the first time, he is ignored. And he cannot cope. He looks and spins around, searching for the slightest trace of hope, and only finds the light above. It is then, when his fears have taken hold, that he realizes he's so desperate that he will try anything. So gently, he drifts up to the surface. A place - an entire world - of which he has never been given reason to journey.

He swims closer and closer towards the break of water as the tide becomes eerily calm. He doesn't feel safe by what he sees, but he's running out of time. He knows that if he doesn't brave the surface and quell his fears, he will no sooner die. So he keeps swimming. Keeps putting those thoughts to rest as soon as they blossom.

His hand reaches out first, and it goes through. But he can't feel anything. His mouth opens and he tries to speak in anguish, but it only worsens the affect of his breathlessness. Struggling, he quakes under the ocean's pressure and begins to sink. It is only with a short burst of his remaining strength that he's able to fight back, and push himself upwards, edging closer and closer to the break that so few have thought to engage. And at the final moment of his peril, his face collides with the water, giving way to the light itself, where he can see that...

The dream is over. Orin awakens in an alert manner, discovering himself in the dwellings he's been given. The room that overlooks the capital city of Poseidonis. He is in a bed he can barely call his own, nestled between two women - both brunette, per his indication. They awake aswell, startled by his movements, but he pays them little attention. Tossing away his coverings, he floats to the other side of the room and gently lands on the balcony, staring out into the sea.

The whales, he muses, hearing the creatures hover from above. They sing to us. It must be close to day.

"Orin? Why have you woke?"

"Do you wish for us to join you, Orin?"

His eyes close. The sounds of their voices are almost irritating.


Instantaneously, he turns, his gaze more cold than intends.

"Go back to bed. I will return to you all soon."

Retrieving his things, he launches out for a morning swim, hoping it'll clear his head.

.Preferred roster pic? (No preference, and one will be chosen for you):

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