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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

I drilled a hole in the cylindrical metal canister I was going to use, but it completely deformed it, and actually now I see that there is a protrusion on the inside of the canister which makes it impossible for GPM2 to work with this model. Also, the CO2 adapter is so large that it won't really work inside the case I'm using. I will have to cut a large portion out of the bottom plate against my arm to get the canisters to fit. I will also have to build the fluid canister out of PVC since the metal one has deformed and has been rendered unusable. I will also have to upgrade to GPM3, which I will discuss in my next YouTube video. GPM3 basically should be another thing on its own, more than likely called GPPM1, not GPM3. But, for the sake of not having to rename the mechanism, I keep "Gas-powered Piston Mechanism" as GPM3. Basically, I have a rimmed metal piece inside the canister, that fits in quite snug. The gas pushes up on the piston, thus putting pressure on the fluid, but not by the gas itself. This keeps the gas equilibrium between the gas canister and the plate inside. It pushes up on the fluid, and the piston and the gas extrudes the fluid through. It will be in the PVC canister, and coincidentally, the Binaca cap will fit just right within.
With all these changes that I will be making not only to the extrusion mechanism but to the layout of the shooter in the case itself, I think it is safe to say that i will be moving on up to WDM2.2 . This version will be the last experimental version. If it works, then we have ourselves a shooter. And if it does work, then I will probably restart my tutorial series and slowly work towards the web shooter for you all to see how I did it.
I'm working more on WDM2.2 today. Things I need to do now, with the new design:
•get a PVC cap to cover the CO2 bottom
•put needle-coupling assembly onto PVC canister
•put spring-loader on PVC canister (spring loaded valve)
•replenish CO2 and fluid
•get solenoid
•assemble coupling assembly for solenoid
•get metal straight tube to put in output of solenoid
•get lining cone and lay the solenoid in
•screw it all together, apply any adhesive needed
•troubleshoot (if needed)
•finished shooter.

My projected date for the end of this project is March 31, 2013. I may get it done earlier, but that seems like a valid time for me to finish the WDM2.2 .

Remember, if you have any questions, you can PM me or ask them right here. Also, I will be uploading a new YouTube video soon. This one is going to be public, so pretty much anyone can watch it anyway. It will explain about GPM2 and GPM3, the PVC assemblies, my spinnerette I'm using, and the basic shooter theory.

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