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Default Re: The Cure from X Men The Last Stand: mentioned in Wolverine...

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
Ahh but that post credits scene in X3 doesn't show Xavier back in his own body it's a different one.

All I meant was they may have purposeful not stuck close the certain themes if X3 in order to distance themselves.
I've long believed that the X3 post credits scene was well crafted. Xavier is talking about a man born with no brain activity, no consciousness, so he asks about the ethics in regards to that and what he could do. Moira is a geneticist in the comics.

Personally, I think they were intentionally setting it up that they had cloned Xavier and it was basically a back up for him to transfer his consciousness to in case something happened. Cloned by Moira and Xavier kept the mind from developing so it was a blank slate.

Little out there and sci-fi-ish but fits pretty well for comic book standards.

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