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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - - Part 11

Originally Posted by Mysteryman View Post
Actually, I didnt say anything about TKS.
I was using Argo as an example of a mainstream movie that won an Oscar, as opposed to movies less liked by the public that haopen to win Oscars .
My point was that not all Oscar winners are what as known as "Oscar Bait".
in fact, most of them such as TKS, are well liked by the GA.
Well things ain't cut out in such a relentlessly simple manner. Its not like the Academy just voted for the film they enjoyed the most, Argo, like very Best Picture winner was a very heavily excessively campaigned movie.

The movie was made WITH an eye at the Oscars. Sure it is mainstream in its appeal, but the Oscars were definitely a part of its conception. A historical drama where Hollywood played a major role? Doesn't get more insider than that.

And the entire strategy of getting it out was with two eyes fully on the gold prize. That it made 200 million does not even matter, regardless of gross it would have been in play because it positioned itself so.

It was sneaked in Oscar hunting ground Telluride. Then premiered to heavy Oscar anticipation in Toronto. And then screened relentlessly for Oscar bloggers and countless Guild Screenings followed by Q & As and receptions and dinners etc.

So Argo is as much an Oscar movie or Oscar bait as The King's Speech is if not more.

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