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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - - Part 11

Originally Posted by slumcat View Post
That's an amazing and powerful image. Speaks volumes. I know one actor who could easily bring that image to life - Hugh Jackman. Dunno about Affleck, but he has a really great trainer.

These were the latest images of his I think.
Yes, Batman: War on Crime has some really fantastic imagery. Jackman is undoubtedly in exceptional shape, but for bringing Alex Ross' depiction of Batman to life, ironically, I think Affleck has better predispositions, with his barrel chest and wide shoulders. He could become really burly if he put his mind to it. It's a shame he couldn't focus entirely on training for BvS due to his other obligations.

Far as the photos you posted go, yeah, I'd say they're pretty recent. I do think there were a couple of more recent ones but he's been wearing heavier clothes lately so it's a bit hard to tell. His last photos in that white henley, with the beany hat, are what I'm basing most of my concenrns on.

I do hope Rehan Jalali can turn it around for Ben in what time remains before he starts shooting scenes.

Originally Posted by TheFlamingCoco View Post
He's just about 42 years old. He'll be mid 40s by the time Superman/Batman comes out, but then again, look at Jackman. I think part of the reason he isn't superhuge is because he's filming Gone Girl, and the people advising him are holding him back so that he looks somewhat normal.

When he's finished with Gone Girl, he'll probably be PUSHED to his physical limits by his trainer, and I expect to see some results.
Yes, you are right, my mistake, I should have left "late" out of "late 40s". It was only to illustrate the point of age difference between him and Cavil and that it has an undeniable effect on Ben's ability to put on lean muscle mass in a short period of time. Jackman has been building his physique for the better part of the last decade, and started doing it at a much better age for that purpose.

I know he's been busy with Gone Girl, and I'm aware of that quote from the costume designer saying he wants to keep his size more stable. I think it has more to do with constant re-fitting of his clothes and visual continuity than Ben running the danger of looking abnormally large in Gone Girl. In my opinion he's at least 15 lbs short of looking like anything out of the ordinary for a guy his height. He looks like he casually works out, not like he does hardcore training.

But I hope he can push really hard for the remainder of his time before filming to remedy that.

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