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Default Re: What caused the apocalypse?

Originally Posted by XtremelyBaneful View Post
I know that the show is about the aftermath. Anything to do with zombies is always about the aftermath. But that's not the point of my thread.
Like I said, the creator and writer of the series has went on record saying that he never wanted an explanation for why or how, just that it has happened and the fallout from it happening. You can email him and see if he'll tell you but it's doubtful taht he's even bothered to write out a plotline for it.

Originally Posted by XtremelyBaneful View Post're kidding me right? It would be quite evil of governments to try and do such a thing
Originally Posted by Morg View Post
not really, look up some history of the USA doing stupid things to people, like exposing them to disease, radiation and more
It's true. There's been a large number of documented times where illegal testing on groups of people has happened and it only came to light decades later.

Not a full list and I didn't read them all but from what I read it is accurate enough, so there is precedent for things like that happening. That's just in the USA, imagine what we don't know about what they've done to people in places like Chine or North Korea.

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