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Default Re: What did Christopher Nolan think of the other Batman movies?

Originally Posted by Cain View Post
There are many bronze age elements to Bale. But the bronze age Batman was more than just rage and all.

He was a Batman that had no problem making out with babes while wearing a cowl
The difference is he does it with someone he knows and have feelings for for a long time, and more importantly - he doesnt do it in the middle of the action! And with some bimbo he knows for few days as a fanatical teenage mind

or qupping every now and then
He was actually making snarky comments since the beginning, but all movie Batmen did it

or coming to the apartment of half naked babes that he's conflicted with as both Bruce Wayne and Batman
The difference here is that hes not coming to a date with a loose girl who has a mind of a teenage Justin Biber fan

Oh and of course Kilmer was the only actor to sport the hairy chest like the bronze age hairy chested batgod.
Keaton also had hairy chest, but I agree it was Kilmer who very much reflected Bronze batman's physique

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