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Default Re: Anybody else miss Terrence Howard as Rhodey?

Originally Posted by CastlesInTheAir View Post
Because Terrence Howard is a black actor, he has to be a stick in the mud or else he's a stereotypical buddy cop gangsta wannabe shivin and jivin Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker wannabe, apparently.

NOTHING he did in the film was any more "black stereotype" than Tony Stark did. Its just because he's black he's getting compared to all these people. Its blatantly racist and don't understand how you can't see that.
Right: so comparing someone acting like a black buddy-cop sidekick to another black buddy-cop sidekick is "racist," now, huh?

( Where's that "THAT'S RACIST!" kid meme when you need it? )

Who do you suggest I compare him to instead: Pee Wee Herman?


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