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Default Re: Did anyone else almost cry and the mystique and eric scene?

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post
Yup. And I thought that Xavier's actions in X-Men: First Class fit in perfectly with his attitude in X-Men: The Last Stand, just like you said. X-Men and X2 portray him as almost "saintly" (McAvoy's words from one of his interviews), but X-Men: The Last Stand, he's kind of a prick, the way he handles the Jean Grey situation.

X-Men: First Class shows us that while yes, he certainly has the right idea, he is flawed in how he handles it. It's arguable that he constantly misuses his power in the movie, constantly reading people's minds, controlling their actions, or erasing their memories (he erased memories twice in First Class). He is not perfect.

It plays into the Erik & Charles dynamic so brilliantly.

Erik is consumed by rage, and goes about his overall goal in the wrong way, but do to the experiences he's been through in life, you can't help but sympathize with him. Xavier, on the other hand, has a very noble goal in mind, and his message is pure, but his methods of going about it can be very naive and questionable - in X-Men: First Class wanting Mystique to "hide" to fit in, and in X-Men: The Last Stand the revelation that he tampered with Jean Grey's mind to limit her powers and "protect" her.

The layers to this relationship are just incredible as far as I'm concerned.
Couldn't agree more. Honestly, it's what makes Xavier interesting.

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