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Default Re: Did anyone else almost cry and the mystique and eric scene?

Originally Posted by Timstuff View Post
I was a lot more emotional for the scene where Erik moves the satellite dish.
I went to see the movie for viewing #3 last night, and I *did* tear up for this scene. And I teared up for it the first time I saw it for the midnight showing as well.

That scene may be one of the most emotionally powerful moments of the entire series.

It was one of those moments where - I love these characters SOOO much, and I have SUCH an emotional investment in these characters. Magneto especially is one of my all time favorite fictional characters because of how 3 dimensional he truly is. He's a villain, but you can't help but feel for him because of everything he's been through.

In that moment, Xavier taps into a moment of true humanity for Erik. And him moving the satellite dish, to me, was so much more than just a visual display of power. It was a moment of triumph for Erik. For all the pain that Erik had endured in his life, and his sense of triumph in that one moment. It was very powerful.

Follow that up, with Hank's moment with Raven, wanting her to take the cure with him, his realization that he will never be truly accepted for what he is, and her finally coming into her own and finally feeling that sense of "this is who I am" ... "Mutant and proud" may have come off as cheesy to some, but it really meant something to me. Then you have Hank's devolution into Beast, and again his moment with Raven where she says that's who he was meant to be...

I may have to reconsider my position of X-Men being the installment with the most emotional depth.

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