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Default Re: Top 5 Things You Want from Captain America 2!

1) Cap as a true leader. I like Evans and all, but I hate to say that I generally like his personality in his *other* movies (Scott Pilgrim, Fantastic Four, The Losers) than I do his generic nice-guy approach to Steve Rogers. Steve has always been more about just being a good guy....he's also charismatic as hell. Whedon played on that a helluva lot better than Joe Johnston did, but there's still a lot to be desired there.

2) Sharon Carter. Not played by Hayley Atwell; she's a a grand-niece (or even a great-grand niece) of Peggy, which means the family resemblance is going to be barely noticeable. Sorry, the genetics just don't add up that the grand-daughter of your brother or sister and their spouse is going to look like you at all.

3) Falcon. 'Nuff said.

4) HYDRA comes back. Led by Von Strucker, or Viper, or Arnim Zola, or Baron Zemo --- I really don't care which.

5) Save Bucky and Skully for Cap 3. There's a LOT of characters who "survived" WWII along with Steve Rogers, but if you start overcrowding it in the movies, general audiences are likely to throw in the towel. "Oh come on! ANOTHER dude from WWII coming back....?!?! How many is that now....?!?! I'm outta here"

On the issue of Marvel Studios reintroducing Punisher: I agree with those who say he doesn't belong in a Cap movie. (I vividly remember what Cap did to Frank Castle during CW.) But I *do* think he stands to have a better cinematic future than what we've seen before....simply because you'd finally introduce him to a world full of superheroes. THAT is what has always made Punisher put him in a "real world" setting, and he is no different than any other dime-a-dozen generic vigilante action hero.


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