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Th Smile Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lets be honest here, people. There is another reason for this whole debacle about WBs 'poor' marketing.

The film finished production in early 2012, and all we've seen since the has been a teaser, a full trailer, and a poor cam of a Comic Con trailer (made up of mostly the full trailer). 2 posters, one a scene from the film we have already seen.

In the meantime, other films out at a similar time have had multiple posters and trailers, and we've seen SO much. There are SO many money shots from IM3 and STID ruined from their first trailers, and each trailer since wants to spoil more and more.

But stop and think about that. In nearly 2 years since production began, we have only seen approx 3-4 minutes of footage, and almost NONE of the money shots.

Does nobody else think that's amazing?

Almost.... Nolanesque?

I've got to bring this up though. A Superbowl spot? Maybe, but why bother when almost all the other trailers were for films BEFORE yours is released? Better to let them fight each other...

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