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Doh Re: Ben Affleck IS Bruce Wayne/Batman.

I feel like Affleck automatically gets flack for this because he's known as the pretty boy of Hollywood - the dummer of the two (Ben and Matt) - and also for his poor choice of roles in the very late 90s to mid to late 00s. So I get it. I get the frustration and anger and confusion. He's also not a very brute guy. And to be honest, he didn't prove that he can be Batman just because he directed Gone, Baby, Gone - directed/starred in the Town - and directed/starred in Argo. Those films are so far from what it is to play Batman that it really just stinks to compare his history with his potential. I dunno, we'll just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, if this news didn't upset you enough, take a look at this awful list of worst's bad.

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