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Default Re: Marvel Universe Villains Yet To Appear In Cinema

Originally Posted by Hypestyle View Post
there have to be great one-on-one fights, with significant villains. Get the Masters of Evil, several of them should be in the mix.
Any of the Master Of Evil groups would be cool to see in any future Marvel Projects.

Here are a few I'd like if Marvel execs plan to use M,O,E.

Baron Helmut Zemo's Masters of Evil - Yellowjacket, Absorbing Man, Blackout, Grey Gargoyle & Whirlwind

Ultron's Masters of Evil - Radioactive Man, Klaw, Black Knight & Melter

Justine Hammer's Masters of Evil - Scorcher, Shockwave, Eel, & Constrictor

Loads more but I think some of the above deserve movie treatment.

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