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Default Re: Marvel Universe Villains Yet To Appear In Cinema

Originally Posted by Ant-manic View Post
a tweaked version of the Liberators; from the Ultimate Universe is what might be the easiest route. instead of Loki, they could sub in Zemo or some other mastermind type. but they were basically set up as a dark mirror to the Avengers/Ultimates. Abomination was part of the team and he's already available. they had a version of the Schizoid Man who could multiply himself; to make for disposable henchmen to slam around. they had that insect woman; Swarm. some kind of iron man like mecha villain. etc. they can sub in Enchantress and Executioner for Perun and Hurricane.
I like this idea especially as an epic end for Loki's character(or would audiences be sick of him by then?)

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