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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong


It's dark
It's weird
The Penguin was more interesting in this movie than in the comics seems even more evil than the joker.
Doesn't feel like it was made for children (even with ratings)
The bat mobile does that cool thing of splitting to fit through the crack
The music score is superb, better than that of batman 89'
The movie is a visual ejaculation
Catwoman is hot and she was played extremely well
The movie uses the line "just the pussy i'v been looking for", that alone seems worth admission.
Joel Shumacher didn't make this movie.
Great closing shot to the movie


Batman still moves like a robot
Batman's black eye's magically disappear
Catwoman uses the line "I am catwoman hear me roar" some stinkers in there.
Gordon might as well not exist.
Story seems messy and incoherent.
It's pretty camp at times.
Joel Shumacher Took over afterwords.

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