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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by GoogleMe94 View Post
i still dont understand why some ppl think Forever is a sequel when they made harvey dent go from black to white.
Hello again BatmanRules33/Batwing6655/Dr. Satan/brownish33. Still denying BF is a sequel here again, huh? Wheter you guys want to or not, BF is really a sequel. Keaton was going to return. I bet if Burton return too, you would say it's a sequel. Come on!! BF is a sequel & that is a fact. If you don't believe it, go ask Keaton or Burton about it then.

Some of what I like: keeping the same Batmobile, suit much better, Christopher Walken (Can't go wrong with the Walken ),

And I have many problems with BR. It was too weird (Batman movies are suppose to be dark, not too weird like crap), Catwoman surviving an impossible fall from a high rise building & learning martial arts like in one day (Wha...?!?), real penguins carrying rockets (That's real cute, Burton. So much for being dark, 'cause that one made BR less dark & more campy there), Penguin driving the big yellow duck & the silly little kiddie Batmobile ride, Penguin a poor underground mutant (Lame!!), Batman can't fight the strongman & kill him instead with a....dynamite?? (Batman can beat him up easily if it was more like the comics, since Batman use his skills & not brawn to win. And killing was not necessary. Him losing the fight & putting dynamite on him is not Batman. He is better than that.).

~AP's a pedophilia who love posting pics of little boys in Superman costumes O_o

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