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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I agree with this too. But I would add that Kitty was indirectly mentioned at the end of X2 (as the mutant who got hold of those incriminating documents on Stryker that were presented to the president) and so it might be a natural progression to introduce her in X3. However, she just randomly appeared. We didn't see her being welcomed to the X-Men and getting her uniform. Rogue and Iceman suddenly had uniforms too, when they were told in X2 it wouldn't be for a few years.

Colossus could have been better used in X3. He was only there to throw Wolverine in the 'fastball special' - once at the Sentinel, once at Magneto. And somehow the shiny steel armour looked a bit cheap!
If Bryan Singer directed X3, I think Colossus would probably get a bigger role and more lines! He'd be like Iceman in X2. And yes his steel form did look cheap because it was just an armor, they didn't have to use visual efforts when he was already wearing his steel prop.

About Rogue and Iceman getting an uniform, I think that line from Wolverine was a hint that they would eventually get a X-Men uniform in the movie and what Wolverine said was just a small joke. They didn't get to fight with anyone but I feel like compare to the other X-students, they stood out, they escaped the X-mansion with Wolverine, they were at Alkali Lake, they used their powers for the right reason and they wanted to get a X-Men uniform. So they definitely earned their X-Men uniform or their "X-Men" status at the end of X2.

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