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Default Re: The Official Ant-Man News and Speculation Thread

I guess the mutliple mythologies means they might still be going for Pym and Lang given Edgar's open love for Lang, desire to use Pym and the fact when they were doing the test footage they brought up every old Ant-Man comic they could get their hands on in London's comic shops.

I hope they ditch the 1960s setting. I wouldn't mind seeing a reorganised AIM more in line with the comics pop up as well post Iron Man 3 .

Kirkman doesn't think Edgar will draw from his Eric O'Grady era Ant-Man.
Robert Kirkman’s The Irredeemable Ant-Man, a character that’s rumored to be a part of the film by many…even if Kirkman himself doesn’t believe it.

“I know Edgar Wright a little bit–we talk from time to time–and I know because of his talent that that movie will be fantastic,” The Walking Dead creator told us at New York Comic Con. “So I don’t think that’s what they’re doing, I don’t know, but if it has any Eric O’Grady elements in it, that will be very cool and I would be all for it.”

All aboard the Pork Chop Express!

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