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Default Re: 1938 Superman. The One To Adapt?

Originally Posted by JamalYIgle View Post
Yes because Tim Burton , who by his own admission didn't read the comics, and only took the surface elements of the character from the few sources he chose to. He turned Bruce wayne into a borderline schizophrenic with impulse control issues.
And to that I Burton's Batman is still a valid and entertaining version of the character, whether or not he's based on surface elements of kane and miller's Batman.

Originally Posted by JamalYIgle View Post
This is were you and I again will have to part ways. The soul of the character remains the same.
I'm not saying it isnt. I just think Superman today is like a KFC chicken with artificial herbs and spices instead of the original herbs and spices that made it good in the first place. No one's saying make it exactly how you used to, but using some of those original elements dont hurt.

Originally Posted by JamalYIgle View Post
When they did that, they were trying to streamline history for sales reasons. They did it because people complained that there was too much continuity to follow.
True, but there's also the fact that that era of Batman has been looked down upon by many die hard fans. Even before post crisis, the 70's era Batcomics seem to largely ignore the 50's-60's in an effort to go back to the darker roots of the character.

Originally Posted by JamalYIgle View Post
It's not the first time i've disagreed with Mark's opinions about comics and Superman. He and I are just as passionate about these things, I have a different view.
It is what it is, I guess. I happen to think Mark's absolutely right. Going back to the roots of the character and modernizing it usually helps characters more than it hurts it. Geoff Johns did it with Hal Jordan, and now Hal's become a popular character.

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