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Default Re: Assassins Creed: Rogue

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
Revelations was built for the 3DS so that would explain why it was short. I don't think Rogue will have that issue as the PS3/360 don't have those limitations
Um, what...? Rev was never on 3DS.
You might be getting confused with Aveline's "Liberation," which was originally designed for the PSP.

Also, I don't get where people are calling "Revelations" short. It was as long and epic as any of the other AC games, and especially longer than AC1.

Originally Posted by Jick09 View Post
I'm already much more interested in this than Unity. First for the sailing once again. Then, for New York.
Hope it doesn't feel like a rehash of the last one.
This New York is a full-sized city, not the burnt-out ruins we saw in AC3. It's the biggest city we've AC-ed in since Constantinople.

Originally Posted by BrollySupersj View Post
I don't wanna be an Templar though.

They're *******s.
You won't always be a Templar. According to the Ubi page, you follow Shay's descent into darkness, beginning as an Assassin before turning rogue. It's possible you might even find yourself empathizing with his reasons for the heel turn.

Originally Posted by godisawesome View Post
Is that a grenade launcher attachment under Shay's barrel?

Because that's kind of badass if true.
Ubi calls it an "air rifle," and yes, it has several attachments.


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