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Default Re: What happens to the Red Skull at the end of Cap.

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post

You're they're copying the 90's Cap film argument is kind of moot when A-He doesn't go into present day for the majority of the film and B-Hyrda is in the film. Oh, and the fact that this actually has money and effort in it.
Im talking about Cap 2. I know that in Cap 1 it takes place in WWII. In that movie it is believed he dies at the end of the film, but in fact he escapes. He doesn't get frozen or anything. He will be old in Cap 2. Don't like it? Take it up with the writers.

In Cap 2 yes Hydra is in it, but he uses that as the vehicle for trying to impersonate the president. This could change from the time Cap 2 is released but right now thats the plan.

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